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Everything on this page is for sale on eBay, My Etsy Shop, and Craig's List. Prices are negotiable within reason (ie if I am asking $250.00 within reason would be $200.00 not $20.00).

If you are located outside of the Central Oregon area, please order from eBay or My Etsy Shop. Prices at the My Etsy Shop and eBay will include shipping and handling (US shipping only).

If you are located in the Central Oregon area, use the Craig's List link and please note that only cash is accepted for Craig's List purchases.

My Etsy Shop
Craig's List

Prices (does not include shipping and handling, if applicable):

Earrings: $3.00 per pair
Full Size Quilts: $150.00
Baby Quilt: $150.00
Stereo and Speakers: $250.00
Sewing Machine: $250.00
Pitcher and Bowl: $150.00
Blue Fenton Bowl: $45.00
Moss Rose China: $50.00
Norman Rockwell Mugs (Set of 4): $20.00
Hobnail Creamer and Toothpick Holder: $50.00
Antique Rug Making Tool: $25.00
Set of 8 Culver Glasses, Gold: $70.00
Set of 6 Green Napkin Rings: $5.00
Carnival Glass Berry Set: $15.00
Set of 3 Glass Ash Trays: $14.00

Irridescent Creamer and Sugar Bowl: buy it now price on eBay: $7.50
Cake Tin: buy it now price on eBay: $12.50
Set of 8 Green Napkin Rings: buy it now price on eBay: $8.00

Crusade in Europe: $100.00 + shipping if applicable
Oregon's Salty Coast: $$25.00 + shipping if applicable
Irish in America: $50.00 + shipping if applicable
USS Richmond in the Pacific War: $300.00 + shipping if applicable
Leaves of Gold: $50.00 + shipping if applicable
Antique Bible: $250.00 plus shipping if applicable


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